Eight Pool, Three Giraffes... (Starcraft 2)

Eight pool into 3 Spine Crawler rush supported by lings. Speck-effing-tacular.

CoreGaming's Edge competes in a ZvZ where he opens with an 8 pool into spine crawler rush. Will Luka have the micro and multi-tasking necessary to stop this rush or will Edge gain a victory from the cheddar factory?

Luka is a player from Deimos esports who must be a fairly recent acquisition due to the little amount of information on him. However, he plays an amazing game, with lots of epic action!

I thought this was a great game with a lot of playful back and forth action. Sometimes, it's great to take a break from super-standard and remember that Starcraft 2, while being one of the most competitive sports in existence, is still just a game, and should at its heart be fun above all else.

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Published Jan. 29th 2014

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