Fallout 4: The Bad Among the "Oh So Good!"

A notice to all Commonwealth citizens; the following article describes many of the minor inconveniences you may encounter while surviving the Commonwealth.

While there is so much that makes Fallout 4 a fascinating experience, there are a few things that tend to be downright annoying. While it shouldn't discourage you from playing this game, let us delve into some of the situations you as an intrepid player could -- and probably will -- face.  

Disappearing Allies

Let's be honest here, a good majority of Fallout 4's player base probably loses track of their follower. And yeah, that's not really any fault of the game itself.  However, there seems to be many occurrences where you've not even had the ally following you, just sitting in a settlement, and suddenly they're no longer anywhere to be seen in said settlement.

It's not only your followers that can get lost;  I've personally had normal settlers end up randomly standing on top of buildings with no way to easily get them down or, you know, shove them off.  While this is funny and somewhat astounding the first couple of times, it does start to get irritating when Dogmeat won't stay off the roof.  However, sometimes the player can use the workbench in the settlement to build a staircase up to the trapped NPC and hope they walk down on their own.  This isn't always a bad thing of course;  maybe you simply didn't like that NPC.

Glitchy Corpses

This is one glitch that seems prevalent in many of Bethesda's games: corpses (or other inanimate objects) that glitch through a floor, wall, desk, or even another corpse. And when that happens, there's usually a loud clatter noise, which is quite distracting as you attempt to sneak up on that next soon-to-be corpse.

Glitchy Objects

Somewhat similar to corpses that glitch through mass, many objects will do the same thing.  Say you're trying to place your collection of Trifold Flags neatly on a shelf in your formidable fortress.  You will get it set up, but after returning from your adventures a few times you may notice they fell through all the shelving and scattered themselves among the floor.  That's if your loot didn't just fall through the floor completely.  

Personally I think something like this would be easily remedied with a similar system as Bethesda has for placing magazines on a rack or bobble-heads on their own little stand.  A shelving inventory system.  Weapon decor would be pretty cool too, am I right?  Pretty please, Bethesda?

Settlement Construction

The settlement building system is a new, well-made feature specific to Fallout 4.  It's great -- really!  Though there are times when you're trying to get that wall or cabinet just right and for some reason it likes to think it's colliding with something and can't be placed.  Or maybe you're having trouble placing your Power Armor Station flat on the ground, and for some reason it always appears to be floating.  This feature is definitely amazing but also leaves the more meticulous players wishing for a bit more.

Surviving the Commonwealth is bound to inspire laughter, or the occasional jump-scare.  Maybe the minor inconveniences add to that!  If you've not already spent some time exploring this game world, you definitely should!


Published Mar. 9th 2016

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