The 11 Most Anticipated MMORPG Releases of 2017

Twilight Spirits

Developer: Netease
Current Status: In development
Business Model: Free-to-play
Official website

Here is something different for you – an action MMORPG from the developers of Revelation Online. Twilight Spirits is a hack-and-slash game with tons of character customization, hence the RPG label. The game utilizes a never-before-scene graphics engine called Nirvana that makes everything look and move incredibly smoothly.

The main goal of the game is to kill as many dungeon bosses as possible, so the core component of Twilight Spirits is PvE. However, there is one mode dedicated to PvP, and that is Guild Battles. Currently, this game is considered a title that will change not only how we see action MMORPG games, but hack-and-slash games in general.

Published Nov. 16th 2016

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