Dead Island: Definitive Collection Now Available On Steam

It's a zombie apocalypse now more beautiful than ever.

Blood and gusts — all remastered.

Prepare to slice, smash, and crack your way through a zombie outbreak situated on the tropical island of Banoi. The new and improved Dead Island: Definitive Collection will deliver an unfamiliar zombie experience to even the most hardy of zombie-lovers.

Improved graphics, textures, and additional content are all part of the package, and they make for an extremely thrilling adventure.

Dead Island: Definitive Collection

More walking corpses than Washington D.C.

The Dead Island: Definitive Collection features:

  • All the previous released DLC.
  • Remastered textures and graphics. Let the island (and zombies) come alive in HD graphics, game models, and a photo-realistic lighting system.
  • Co-op multiplayer. Play with your friends and struggle together!
  • A fully explorable environment. Discover the island's story, left behind among the ruins of the zombie outbreak. Deserted cities, secluded beaches, abandoned shacks -- find the source and voice of all those gone.
  • Engaging combat. Visceral sounding combat will keep you engaged and entertained throughout your journey.

The Dead Island: Definitive Collection can be purchased for $40 on Steam. It includes the original Dead Islandalong with its recent expansion, Riptideand a fun little mini game.

Are you in the need for some therapeutic zombie bashing? Well, go and pick it up.

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Published May. 31st 2016

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