ISIS Releases a GTA V Imitation to Recruit Members

ISIS extremist group is planning on recruiting and training youngsters through the use of video games

Maybe not a GTA imitation, but more like a total rip-off of Rockstar Games' World Guinness Record holder Grand Theft Auto V.

As reported by Egyptian news weekly El Fagr, as well as Telegraph, the ISIS extremist group has released a trailer for what seems to be a modded version of Grand Theft Auto V, in which children are going to be attacking police officers and the army. This is supposed to be a recruitment and training process for them to know how to commite those acts in a real scenario:

The game was created to raise the morale of the Mujahideen, and the training of children and young teenagers to fight the West, and throw terror into the hearts of opponents of the state.

In this trailer, we only get to see some scenes from the game in which a player is simply attacking police officers and destroying an army convoy by making it explode with what could be a grenade, bomb, or RPG.

Every scene is just a few seconds long, and in between each scene, the ISIS logo is shown. There is also a phrase that appears at the beginning of the video, which seems to mean something along the lines of:

What you do in video games, we do in real life, in the battlefield.

There has been a lot of controversy over the effects of violent video games, but most of the evidence has been theoretical. Now, it looks like game-inspired violence could be becoming a reality. 

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Published Sep. 21st 2014
  • Si_W
    I fail to see why this is even news worthy.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Propaganda inspired violence is what we are seeing here. It just so happens that the propaganda was delivered with a video game. A terrorist group using a video game as propaganda reflects nothing back to video games.

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