Xbox One Twitch Streaming Not Quite Ready

Complete Twitch compatibility is still a few months off for Xbox One users.

Xbox One users have been able to watch Twitch videos from the console since its release on November 22nd, but they'll have to wait a little longer to be able to put original content up themselves. 

The Twitch Support Twitter account sent out a tweet recently telling users to expect a few more months before streaming is available to them. They also stated that there is a possibility of sooner compatibility and will keep everyone updated as they move along the process. 

Twitch upload capabilities coming soon!

Twitch has already been able to open livestreaming to PS4 users. They have said that there is a demand for this type of service and a good portion of their livestreaming audience comes from the PS4. I imagine console users of Twitch will only increase once the service is opened up fully for Xbox One users and some might argue that console users will take over the PC users as far as streaming time goes. 

I have heard many good things about Twitch and it's reputation is rapidly growing in the gaming community as the go to streaming platform. What are your thoughts on Twitch? Would you, as an Xbox One user, turn to Twitch for your broadcasting events?

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Published Jan. 9th 2014

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