7.9 Million PlayStation Plus Subscribers

PlayStation Plus subscribers are up to 7.9 million worldwide, approximately half of all PS4 owners.

PlayStation Plus was a great service on PS3, dishing out free games and discounts every month. With the release of the PS4, it's become a necessary subscription for most online play and is working towards becoming the staple of Sony consoles that Xbox Live has long been for Microsoft.

Gi.Biz released details from conference call between Sony executives and overseas investors that among mentioning a strong performance in their Games and Network Services this quarter and boasting Q2 PS4 sales of 3.3 million, gave an official count of 7.9 million PlayStation Plus subscribers. With upwards of 14.5 milion units sold, more than half of all PS4 users are subscribed to PlayStation Plus, even with the recent price increase.

Despite running at a loss overall, Sony's Games and Network Services division has made an 80 percent increase in revenue over the past quarter. Between the steady revenue increase and being on the cusp of the holiday season Sony must be feeling pretty good about rounding the corner on the PS4's first year.


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Published Nov. 3rd 2014

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