Andraste Celestina Sporting a Frozen North Theme Outfit

Andraste is full of Norn pride.

So, the basic idea behind this outfit was sparked by a simple question. How can I make a practical heavy set for Norn that both shows off what is great about the race, shows off her tattoos, and also achieves a "Frozen North" theme beyond simply being Norn?  I personally feel I succeeded as best I could.

To accomplish this look, I used the following:

For dyes, I used a combo of Celestial Dye and Blueberry Dye - This allows for both colors to stand out, but not overshadow one another. The hair is also white in order to help balance things out.

Norn Tier 3 heavy Cultural Boots, Shoulders and Gloves - These allows me to show off the tattoos on my arms while also still keeping a fairly practical look.

For the chest and pants, I used the the Honor of The Waves dungeon set - I chose these because they felt to me like the most practical looking armor pieces that also retained a Norn vibe.

Finally, in order to finish it off I used the Corrupted Greatsword and the Icelord's Diadem skin for the helm - These two in combination allow me to further reinforce the Frozen North theme. 

The back item used is the Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings and is a more recent addition. While they are of course not based on Jormag or his champion unfortunately, the Corrupted Greatsword and Icelord's Diadem I feel do match them due to the coloring of the wings, and one could mistake them as being ice themed when combined with the entire set.

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Published Aug. 3rd 2013
  • umishi_9635
    Frozen North? Nailed it! I love the simplicity of the outfit and the fact that the Norn tattoo isn't hidden!
  • Rutabaga_6094
    it's wonderful! the color and weapon choices fit the theme perfectly.
  • Sinako
    Such a "cool" look! (Hardy har)

    Seriously though, puns aside, it's great use of pieces and colors. The ambiance selected really completes the feel, too!
  • Syrencere
    Was your name influenced by Dragon Age?
  • Celestinas
    I get that a lot XD When I chose the name I actually was not thinking of Dragon Age at all despite indeed having played it.........I want to say just last year? That being said I had used it in other games before playing Dragon Age, mostly single player.

    So I'd say it sort of did and sort of didn't, I'm sure it was fresh in my mind again partially due to Dragon Age now that I think about it.
  • Ria_7
    She looks thought out quite well. When I look at her I automatically thing "Ice Queen". The holographic wings and shield are a wonderful add as well as the blue sword giving it a nice ice feel.
  • Celestinas
    Thank you for the support everyone <3
  • Vesta_4457
    Absolutely LOVE this look! Part of my love for it is the fact that I will be doing something similar, or trying to. My favorite part of this look is that you look angelic but also look like you are a hard core norn that will no be afraid of anyone or anything. Good job!!
  • Sigrun_1823
    An amazing color scheme that does not blind the viewer and looks great to-boot; I applaud your capability of meshing well. She reminds me a bit of a norse rune, Hagalaz: Hail/Hailstone. (Which relates well the Norn concept as well.)
  • Starlyn_2771
    Great job, I feel it does give off that "Norn" feeling while just looking badass in general.
  • Davy_4857
    Looks very nice. I'd bow down to this ice queen any day :P.
  • Tyaer
    Very nice, I like the tats as well. shes kind of noble looking even with the evil corrupted sword :P

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