Dota 2 - TI3 Winning Team Alliance Showcased in Short Film

Alliance's Loda speaks about the team in this short film.

The final matches between Na'Vi and Alliance in The International 3 earlier this year featured some of the best plays we've seen in Dota 2 history. Alliance team captain Jonathan "Loda" Berg speaks in this short film, "Of Champions", giving some insight in the team's mindset going into the tournament and during those final matches.

The "Of Champions" film may be short (running just over 25 minutes), but fans of Alliance or of Dota 2 in general should watch to see just how the TI3 champions interact with one another and keep themselves at the top of their game.

This is the first short film out of at least 5, with the remainders to be focusing on at least the four other members of Alliance. AdmiralBulldog, s4, Akke, and EGM will all be given their time to shine in further installments.

For an extra side of entertainment during "Of Champions", you can turn on the captioning during the gameplay footage and get a nice dose of gibberish.

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Published Oct. 16th 2013

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