11 Easy Pokemon Costumes You Can DIY This Halloween

Squirtle DIY Costume

This one might look complicated, but it's pretty simple to put together. Plus, some of the parts -- hood and tail -- are completely optional. 

What you'll need to get started: 

  • A basic shirt pattern (or if you don't have one, you can use an old shirt as your guide, with separate pieces for the sleeves and the front and back).
  • Blue and beige fleece or regular cotton fabric for the shirt pieces
  • Brown fleece for the shell (enough for two ovals, one larger and one smaller; you can adjust the size to suit your needs, so how much depends on how big you want the shell)
  • Additional beige fleece for the shell lining (like before, how much depends on the shell size)
  • Ribbon or (recommended) a black felt-tip marker
  • Polyfill or whatever brand you use or can find (2 8oz. bags should do the trick)
  • Craft glue
  • Needle and thread

Put your shirt together following your pattern's instructions. This one calls for black ribbon to be sewed on the front, but really, you can get the same effect with a black marker and a lot less trouble.

For the shell, cut out two ovals from the brown fleece, one larger and one smaller. Sew the smaller onto the larger, and leave an opening for the stuffing. Fill the shell, sew the opening closed, and glue the strip of beige fleece around the edge. Stitch or glue the shell onto the back of the shirt, and that's it for the basic costume!

The Tail

You can also make a tail to go along with it, if you're interested. For the tail, use the fleece or cotton you used for the shirt. Cut out two long triangles, and stitch them right sides together--or, in other words, inside out--leaving an opening big enough for you to turn the fabric right-side out. Turn it, then stuff the tail with cotton stuffing, and stitch the opening closed. For the swirl, roll the end of the tail up and stitch it to the long part of the tail. (How high up you roll and stitch determines how curly it will be). Then, attach the base of the tail to the inside of the shirt.

Published Oct. 11th 2017

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