A Quick Look At Next Month's Free Games For Xbox Live Members

Check out next March's free game downloads for Xbox Live subscribers with Games With Gold.

Microsoft has just lifted the curtain on next month's Games With Gold. For those out of the loop, Games With Gold are free games available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 with a current Xbox Live subscription.

Starting next month, Xbox One owners will be able to download Rayman: Legends. Rayman: Legends is a beautiful 2D platformer with an outstanding atmosphere. There are plenty of collectables to get, characters to unlock, and secret levels to find. However, the best part of the game is how easy it is to pick up, even for people who are unfamiliar with the game. This is a must download title for those who are fans of local co-op games.

Xbox 360 owners will have the opportunity to download two games throughout the month. During the first half of the month (March 1-15) you can get Tomb Raider. This game is a much more brutal and cinematic take on the Tomb Raider series and is differently a great game for fans who love the series or just enjoy 3D platformer games with puzzles.

During the 2nd half of next month (March 16-31), Xbox 360 owners get to download BioShock Infinite. This first-person shooter puts an emphasis on story and atmosphere. Anyone who is familiar with the BioShock series will immediately enjoy this game as it's very faithful to the series. Even those who haven't played a BioShock game, this is a great opportunity to jump into the series.

These three titles seem like a huge step up compared to February's Games With Gold. However, on the Xbox website, they did tease that they are planning to increase the number of downloadable titles in April. They look to be giving out two Xbox One titles and two Xbox 360 titles. This is a really nice touch to give Xbox Live subscriptions value, but at this rate I wonder if they will have to start repeating what the free games of the month are.

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Published Feb. 25th 2015

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