SMITE Community Support for Louisiana Floods In

The SMITE community has contributed over $36,000 to help the people affected by the 1,000 year flood in Louisiana, and over $700,000 for charities since 2014.

On August 30th, the global SMITE community united in an effort to aid those affected by the recent flooding in Louisiana. Hi-Rez Studios, the creative minds behind SMITE, based donations throughout the weekend on purchases made by SMITE gamers to collectively contribute over $36,000 for the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. The franchise has over 20 million players worldwide on systems such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC; the SMITE community is no stranger to charity. Frequently, they have come together to raise over $700,000 for multiple charity events since the game's advent in 2014. 

Stewart Chisam, President of Hi-Rez Studios, said that "As one of the biggest gaming studios in the Southeast United States, Hi-Rez Studios wanted to help raise awareness for the relief efforts for our close neighbors down in Lousiana." According to Chisam, the SMITE community has always proven how charitable they are numerous times, and that "we're grateful to them for the help these monies will provide the citizens of Louisiana."

The storms behind the massive amounts of damage and despair in Louisiana are responsible for four days of torrential rain, which proceeded to flood over 100,000 homes and left thousands of citizens with no places to go. The American people, and companies, are generously giving to the cause in order to combat the devastating effects of Louisiana's 1000 year flood.

Donations to the Louisiana can be made at

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Published Sep. 5th 2016

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