Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram 2021 Event Guide

Here is a complete walkthrough of the Darkening of Tristram 2021 event in Diablo 3.

The Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram event is back. This unique event takes players into the realm of the very first Diablo game, which is a massive labyrinth with a large number of unique monsters. This guide will provide you with tips on how to complete the Darkening of Tristram 2021 event.

The main challenge of this Diablo 3 event involves slaying all the monsters and bosses, but there are also a few extra challenges that will add several exclusive rewards to your stash if you decide to raise to them.

Darkening of Tristram 2021 Walkthrough

Teleport to Tristram

In order to enter the world of Trsitram, you need to go back to the very first Waypoint, which appears in Act I of Diablo 3.

Once you're there, follow these simple steps to enter Tristram:

  1. Take the Waypoint to the Old Ruins
  2. Turn left, and go down
  3. Enter the portal at Griswold's Fine Weapons

Enter the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is the main location of the Darkening of Tristram event. The entrance is located right above the portal.

It has 16 levels and each level, except the first one, has a number of unique monsters you must kill. Here is the complete breakdown for each level:

Floor 1
Floor 2
Shadowbite, The Butcher, Rotfeast the Hungry
Floor 3
Madeye the Dead, Brokenhead Bangshield
Floor 4
Gharbad the Weak, Snotspill, Blackash the Burning
Floor 5
Bloodskin Darkbow, Foulwing, Shadowcrow
Floor 6
Deathshade Fleshmaul, Bilefroth the Pit Master, Bloodgutter
Floor 7
Blighthorn Steelmace, Gorestone, Nightwing the Cold
Floor 8
Firewound the Grim, Zhar the Mad, Baron Sludge
Floor 9
Breakspine, Brokenstorm, Oozedrool
Floor 10
The Flayer, Goldblight of the Flame, Blackstorm
Floor 11
Bluehorn, Fangspeir
Floor 12
Viperflame, Viletouch, Lionskull the Bent
Floor 13
Warlord of Blood, Rustweaver, Witchmoon
Floor 14
Steelskull the Hunter, Graywar the Slayer, Stareye the Witch
Floor 15
The Vizier, Red Vex, Blackjade
Floor 16
Sir Gorash


There are 40 monsters in total that you need to kill. However, only one monster spawns on each floor. This means that you will have to try and run through the Labyrinth several times in order to collect all the monsters on the list.

Kill All Bosses

Besides the unique monsters, you also need to kill the four main bosses of the Labyrinth. Here are their locations:

  • The Butcher can be found on the 2nd floor at the very end.
  • The Skeleton King resides on the 3rd floor inside the Leoric's Tomb.
  • Arch-Bishop Lazarus can be seen at the Unholy Altar, which is a location between the 15th and the 16th floors.
  • The Dark Lord can be encountered at the very end of Labyrinth walkthrough.

Once you defeat The Dark Lord, you will be rewarded with the Butcher Pet and Red Soul Shard legendary gem.

Acquire Transmogrification Weapons

In addition to the main line of the Darkening of Tristram event, you can acquire extra items, such as two transmogrification weapons.

The first one is The Butcher's Cleaver, which drops from The Butcher boss, and the second one is Wirt's Leg, which can be acquired by following these steps:

  1. Enter the 9th floor of the Labyrinth
  2. Pick up a Rotten Mushroom from the ground
  3. Travel to Adria's Hut on the easternmost part of Tristram
  4. Use the mushroom and the cauldron to make Witch's Brew
  5. Go back to the Old Ruins portal
  6. Locate four corpses in four directions
  7. Click on them in the following order: South -> North -> West -> East

The final corpse will drop the blueprint for the Wirt's Leg, which can be crafted at Headrig's.

Acquire Royal Calf Pet

Besides the Butcher Pet, you can also acquire the Royal Calf pet, a cow that automatically collects loot.

Follow these steps to obtain the Royal Calf pet:

  1. Salvage Wirt's Leg
  2. Map of the Stars will appear in your inventory
  3. Go back to Adria's Hut
  4. Locate three dead cows to the east of the hut
  5. Click the cows in the following order: center -> left -> right
  6. Walk through the portal that will appear in front of you
  7. Follow the path until you reach the Wirt's Stash

The Wirt's Stash will contain the Royal calf pet and some gold for you as well.

Collect Cultist Pages

The final challenge of the Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram event involves collecting seven cultist pages, which are dropped by the cultists that spawn randomly in all five acts of the Tristram adventure mode in various locations.

Here are all the possible cultist locations in the Darkening of Tristram event:

Possible Locations
Act I
The Weeping Hollow
Festering Woods
Caverns of Araneae
Cathedral Level 1
Cathedral Level 2
Cathedral Level 4
Halls of Agony Level 1
Halls of Agony Level 2
Halls of Agony Level 3
Fields of Misery
Act II
Dahlgur Oasis
Desolate Sands
Keep Depths Level 1
Keep Depths Level 2
Keep Depths Level 3
Rakkis Crossing
Arreat Crater Level 1
Tower of the Damned Level 1
The Core of Arreat
Ruins of Sescheron
Act IV
Gardens of Hope Level 1
Gardens of Hope Level 2
Gardens of Hope Level 3
Silver Spire Level 1
Silver Spire Level 2
Act V
Westmarch Commons
Westmarch Heights
Paths of the Drowned
Greyhollow Island
Battlefields of Eternity


Once you collect all seven cultist pages you can consider the Darkening of Tristram event completed.

Diablo 3: Darkening of Tristram Rewards

If you've been able to complete all the challenges listed above, you should be rewarded with the following items:

  • Banner Sigil
  • Classic Demon Portrait Frame
  • Classic Angel Portrait Frame
  • Red Soul Shard legendary gem
  • Transmogrification weapons
  • Butcher Pet
  • Royal Calf Pet

That's all you need to know on how to complete the Darkening of Tristram 2021 event in Diablo 3. For more Diablo 3 tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.


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Published Jan. 11th 2021

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