IRL Quests: Dragon*Con 2012

Anytime you get thousands of passionate fans together, there are bound to be some challenges. Overcome the odds with this IRL quest chain!

Don't leave me hanging: You and I both know that we're both so conditioned by video game quests that sometimes you hear a "Ding!" when you finish folding laundry and get the feeling that you just leveled up... Right?

Anyway, here are the quests that helped me survive Dragon*Con 2012. These quests are applicable at any large event - give them a try!


Quests to complete:

Power Grab: Find an unoccupied outlet to recharge your digital devices.

Bar Fly: Score a seat at the Mariott bar after 6PM. (Good luck. You're gonna need it.)

Reanimation: Make it through the line at Starbucks and acquire the correct beverage at the other end.

Defying Gravity: Make it more than 3 floors without stopping in a hotel elevator.

Tranquilizer Dart: Act cool when faced with a celebrity you normally freak out over.


So that's my list; did I miss anything critical to survival at a multi-day, massive event full of passionate fans?

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Published Jan. 10th 2013
  • Mat Westhorpe
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    Haha, nicely done. Also - great hair.

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