Grass-types Get No Love: Chikorita and Others Voted Most Useless Starter Pokemon

Chikorita and other grass type Pokemon ranked among most useless starters for the first six generations

Goo ranking has been holding a series of Pokemon-related polls for its Japanese fan base, including most handsome Pokemon (Mewtwo) and ugliest Pokemon (Muk). According to Gamnesia, Japanese gamers have voted Chikorita the most useless starter Pokemon of the first six generations.  The Generation 2 Grass starter is joined by the Grass-type starters from pretty much every other generation, with the exception of Snivy. Bulbasaur ranks at #3, Chespin at #5, Turtwig at #7 and Treecko at #8. Other Pokémon featured on the top ten list are: Piplup, Squirtle, Charmander, Froakie, and Tepig.

In Chikorita’s defense, the early journey through Johto is not Grass-type friendly, with the first two gym leaders specializing in Flying and Bug types. Things get better for Chikorita though, as it evolves into Bayleef and later Meganium.

This begs the question of how early fan favorite Rowlet will fair. Will it join Snivy as being seen as a useful Grass starter? Or will it join Chikorita and the others?


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Published Sep. 15th 2017

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