Dragon Age: Inquisition, Jaws of Hakkon Released!

Dragon Age: Inquisition's brand new downloadable content is out now.

Dragon Age: Inquisition just released a new DLC named Jaws of Hakkon.

A new area will be unlocked called the Frostback Basin, in which a story will be told about the inquisitor who came before you, and the dragon he was hunting. Encounter a new enemy tribe called the Jaws of Hakkon, find legendary loot and discover the ancient secret that could destroy the entire world.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is among the most successful games of 2014. With over 160 awards received and more than 100 of them calling DA:I  the Game of the Year, critics applauded BioWare for making an amazing game.

"We are humbled by the game's reception so far but are not done with the world of Thedas just yet. We hope the new DLC speaks to our dedication of growing Inquisition with meaningful and exciting new content for our fans, new and old." - Mike Laidlaw, creative director at BioWare

BioWare's DLC takes a modest amount of space with its 1.5GB and is currently priced at $14.99. It's now available for download on Xbox One and PC. It will come out for the PlayStation platforms and the Xbox 360 on a later date.


Published Mar. 25th 2015

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