Top 4 Reasons Pokemon Go Is A Fad

Top 4 reasons why I feel Pokemon GO is just a fad and how everyone will forget about it.

The new big app everyone's playing, called Pokémon Go, is the number one downloaded app in the Google Play store. Pokémon Go released in the United States on July 6th, followed by an EU release a week later on July 16th. I am here today to explain why this new app everybody and their mother is playing is a fad, and why you should ignore it. 

I am in no way telling people what to play or what they can put on their smartphones, I am just wanting to provide a perspective look from when the Pokémon craze of the 90's hit, and everybody I knew was into the anime, trading card game, and Pokémon merchandise.

1. The Pokémaniac Craze Of The 90's

The craze during the 90's is a big reason as to why I am avoiding this game. Everybody who I have spoken to at one point enjoyed Pokémon the anime, trading card game, or had a Pikachu lunchbox as a kid. As the 90's was nearing its end, everyone soon stopped liking Pokémon, because it was "not cool" anymore. I feel like the only one out of my friends who still likes the Pokémon games, but I stopped watching the anime a long time ago. 

2. The App Is Causing Danger

We have covered the major accidents that have occurred from people stupidly playing GO while driving, or not paying attention. One Pokémon GO player fell into a pond while playing the game fairly recently. Another was a car accident in which the player hit a police SUV which was (fortunately) parked with no one inside. With as much danger as the app is causing, a lot of people will stop using it, or even look at it in a bad way. 

3. Players Will Get Bored And Quit

This has happened to many MMOs that have been made over the years in the gaming industry. At the moment GO just has the original 150 Pokémon, and it just might add more generations of Pokémon later in an update. As the hardcore fans catch them all, they will grow bored of waiting for gen 2 Pokémon, forgetting GO exists on their own when there's nothing left to do. While this may not be the case for the hardcore fans, it will be for the casual fanbase. 

4. No New Content In A Fair Time

Face it, you know it will be a while before Gen 2 is added to GO. It could take months before people catch 'em all, then just get angry about the lack of content. I know trading and such is coming, but the game so far is just boring to me with being able to battle wild Pokémon, or even trainers right now. 

These are just my reasons and my opinion about Pokémon GO. Your opinion may be different, and you may love the game. I, personally, do not like it. I prefer my handheld titles. 


Dustin has a passion for games journalism despite not wanting to go for a degree due to the expensive amount to attend college. He has written for gaming blogs and websites despite all this where he's learned his own craft. You can contact him at dustylee15[@]gmail[dot]com

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Published Aug. 1st 2016

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