Firefly the Game Promos Will be Available Locally

Those hard to find exclusives will be in your local game store soon enough!

Gale Force Nine first posted their limited promos for Spartacus and Firefly for purchase in their webstore. It will be even easier to get these promos soon as you will be able to add the fifth player ship to your game and the "Big Damn Heroes" cards to your game, just by heading to your local game store. These promos release just in time for the new Pirates and Bounty Hunters full-size expansion that will hit stores next week.

 A while back, I wrote an article about the fairness of exclusives in board games. Exclusives and limited rewards are already prevalent in video gaming and are starting to become a nuisance in board gaming as well.

Game companies know many of us are completionists and these exclusives will become "necessary" for our games. Many fans of the game expressed they didn't even know these promotions existed, making it hard to keep up with the game in its entirety. It should be easier to create awareness and completion with these sitting on the game store shelves. The company cites "social media" backlash as a reason. Sometimes complaining online does get you results.



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Published May. 9th 2014

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