A New Sonic Could be Headed Your Way Next Year

The legendary blue speed demon could race onto next-gen systems in 2015.

Ah, Sonic. The memories are thick with fuzzy warmth.

Although the iconic mascot hasn't really been himself lately, there's no saying he can't reclaim his former glory. We've even seen glimpses of it over the past few years. So, would you be excited to see what Sonic can do on next-gen consoles?

According to a promotional sign first spotted at Spindash.de, a fresh Sonic the Hedgehog installment will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U some time in 2015.

The sign was spotted at a toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany over the weekend, and it also spills the beans on Sonic: Lost World for Wii U and 3DS, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: Sochi 2014 for Wii U. Just to clarify, Sega has not officially confirmed a new Sonic game for any next-gen platform just yet. However, it's probably inevitable that he'll return in some capacity; after all, legendary game characters never die. They just go dormant for a while.

Can the Sonic gameplay format survive in this day and age?

I'm not so sure. Speedy 3D platformers aren't exactly all the rage, anymore, and it's likely that newer, younger gamers would see such a game as "outdated" and "old-fashioned." Therefore, it's worth wondering if Sega will try to reinvent the franchise. What might a Sonic reboot look like...? I almost don't want to know.

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Published Feb. 2nd 2014

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