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EverCast livestreamed Podcast coming soon! Looking for guest hosts and more!

posted by (Correspondent) 7 years ago

Hey GameSkinny crew, I am working with a few others in the EverQuest Next community to bring a bi-weekly EverQuest Next show to prime time. The show itself will be available live on TwitchTV, YouTube after the stream, and available at for download in podcast form.

We are kicking off the show on the 28th with our SOE Live predictions and I will be in there in person for GameSkinny getting the latest news. If you love MMORPGs, love discussing games, and know about the EverQuest franchise, we could use your help!

I'd love to include GameSkinny in any way possible ( free sponsorship, eh eh? ;)). If you all might be interested be sure to contact me here, on twitter, or through email at!

Let's get that Skinny!

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