Nintendo's New Way Of Gaming

Four amazing games for your 3DS!

Nintendo has worked on a completely new way of gaming. If you have a 3DS you might have noticed that your Mii Plaza has updated with four new games. Mii Force, Monster Manor, Flower Town and Warrior's Way. These games $5 each and are for the 3DS only and they require the use of Street Pass. You will need the Mii's of everyone in your Street Pass to be able to play these games.

Mii Force

Is a game that the more friends you have the better. In Mii Force you and your friends are in flying bubbles in space. You have no guns but you are not defenceless. Your friends are your weapons. You can place your Mii friends in certain slots to make then a gun or make an existing gun more powerful. Now depending on the color shirt a Mii is wearing depends on their special ability. If a Mii wears white they shoot a chainsaw, green is for a laser whip and navy blue fires homing missiles.

Monster Manor

Monster Manor is the most in-depth of all four games. Your goal is to go 30 floors up in a haunted mansion and you must make it to the top, while you fight ghosts and collect treasure on the way. This game has a bit of a puzzle aspect to it because you will have to get pieces from the people you street pass with so you can build a path to the stair on each floor.

Flower Town

In this game you are a gardener and you are trying to make a perfect garden. You will have many tasks to do and many things to collect. You must grow plants from small seeds and use your Mii friends to help you.

Warrior's Way

This is the least time consuming of all four games. You are a monarch and you are trying to concur the world. Your Mii friends will lend to you the Mii's in their Street Pass as part of your army. If you have a friend that does not own the game then they are just a general and you can  not attack them, but if they do own the game then you can choose to great them peacefully or attack them. The bigger your army the more chance you have to win.

These four games sound cool but for someone like me who does not use Street Pass and only has about 10 Mii's in my street pass would not like them very much. I pretty much ignore my Street Pass and only use it for things like Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokémon X. I have never actually Street Passed with anyone more than once and all the Mii's in my Mii Plaza are strangers.

Even though I don't use Street Pass I do like these games. They seem fun and anyone who has many Street Pass friends should get them!


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Published Oct. 22nd 2013

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