No Man's Sky soundtrack - Music For An Infinite Universe: First Track is out now

No Man's Sky has a soundtrack -- the first track is available for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud. But is it any good?

No Man's Sky is arguably one of the most anticipated games of 2016. Developed by studio Hello Games who have also worked on Joe Danger, it's set in an infinite* universe. While we don't know much about No Man's Sky, the music of the game has been something many have been waiting for. That wait is now over, as No Man's Sky recently had the first song of it's soundtrack released. The full soundtrack is very fittingly titled, No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe. Performed by English electronic post/math rock band 65daysofstatic. Listen to the track Supermoon below:

No Man's Sky is heavily inspired by writers like Isaac Asimov, and Oscar C. Clarke, and films like Dune -- but mostly from the Dune series of books written by Frank Herbert. These writers are part of what many would call "real sci-fi", but I would call "classic sci-fi" -- neither is wrong. This type of sci-fi is not just about giant space romps, or finding new civilizations and being all political. The genre is all about giant elaborate works of interconnected systems, weird but understandable rules, strange people, unexplainable events, a grounded realism which has a basis in scientific fact (especially with Asimov), and a massive part is a sense of wonder and discovery.

Full of hope, full of mystery

Hopefully, you will now be listening to the track, and are getting a feel for it. To me it has a very hopeful tone, which makes you ready to go explore. It fills you wonder, and amazement. Supermoon in parts reminds me a bit of the music for Mirror's Edge but with a rock layer.

You can pre-order the soundtrack over at Laced Records, where you will also get a bonus 6 track album titled Soundscapes.

No Man's Sky is out June 24, for PC and PS4. While there is no Xbox One version confirmed, we at GameSkinny will keep you up to date on any news related to this.

*Infinite may or may not be true, but as the universe of No Man's Sky is so large calling it infinity is as close as makes no difference.

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Published Apr. 10th 2016

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