Sunset released after successful Kickstarter

Sunset, a game where you play a house keeper in a country ravaged by civil war, has been released after a successful kickstarter which raised $67,637 USD on July 18, 2014 with 2,228 backers.

Sunset, a game where you play a house keeper in a country ravaged by civil war, has been released after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It was developed by Tale of Tales, which has a decade of development experience under its belt. Tale of Tales most successful game to date was The Path (with 4/5 stars on Metacritic), a horror game based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. 

Sunset is a narrative-driven first-person game. Taking the role of a female African American house keeper called Angela Burnes, you will explore the luxurious penthouse apartment of Gabriel Ortega, a bachelor artist who has ties to the military. It so happens that Angela's brother is one of the leading figures in the rebellion in the fictional South American country of Anchuria.

Angela has taken this job to support her studies in the city of San Bavon. Every evening, one hour prior to sundown, she arrives at the apartment and is given a checklist of chores to do for the day. As you play, you develop a relationship with your employer through a series of post-it notes.

How you spend your time and any "extra" things that you do will be reflected in the note exchanges between Angela and Gabriel.

It's a unique take on a war-themed game without any personal conflict (there is violence, but it's safely occuring outside the apartment) and as a non-combat exploration game, it is a good example of the uniqueness of indie games. Here's the launch trailer for Sunset:

Sunset is now available on Steam and Humble Store (both with 10% off the retail price until the 28th of May) ! 


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Published May. 23rd 2015

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