Rainbow Six Siege open beta dates announced

Following the closed beta, Rainbow Six Siege's open beta is set to start on November 25 for 5 days. Read to find what it is offering.

New details about the open beta of the upcoming FPS, Rainbow Six Siege, were announced today by Ubisoft. The game's beta like many others will not carry your progress and achievements to the full game.

"Your progression, inventory and Ranked gameplay during the Open Beta will not carry over into the final game," the description reads.

The open beta is set to start officially on November 25, but according to the website, players part of the closed beta will have access 24 hours earlier on 24th. "Pre-load will be available on 1st party marketplaces starting on November 23rd, and everyone who participated in the Closed Beta will have 24 hours early access starting on the 24th," it says. The beta will run through the 29th.

The open beta will also feature a new map, new operators, and a new Terrorist Hunt mode as compared to previous testing beta and it will be focusing primarily on testing matchmaking and online infrastructure.

You will get to play Glaz, Tachanka, and Kapkan, the Russian Spetsnaz operators. Fan-favorite Fuze will not be available in the beta. You will be able to play 13 operators in 3 different maps.

The specification requirements for the game were released recently, and you can check them out here.

The game was initially set to launch in October but was delayed to December. Ubisoft is expecting the game to be a big success and went ahead to state that the game has potential of becoming best-selling FPS of the company, leaving behind Far Cry.

What are your thoughts about the game? Will it be the success Ubisoft is expecting? Let us know, leave your comments below.


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Published Nov. 19th 2015

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