RaiderZ: Broken Silence Expansion Due This Month

RaiderZ is getting an injection of freshness.

Action MMO RaiderZ is getting an expansion later this month, despite being less than a year old. The expansion, dubbed Broken Silence, brings some exciting new content to Perfect World Entertainment's very own monster hunting MMORPG.

RaiderZ: Broken Silence will be raising the level cap to 40 and adding a new zone, the Cowen Marsh. As seen in the trailer above, Cowen Marsh has a few large monsters to take down as well as a new instance and dungeon. New loot and gear is included with these new baddies, of course.

This expansion also brings avid players a PvP arena and a functional party matchmaking system. Expect to see all of this new content at the end of the month.

Those of you who enjoyed TERA's combat but found the game itself to be lacking in oomph may want to consider RaiderZ. The combat system is loads of fun, and the boss fights actually vary from one another. It may not be the in-depth experience that some other MMORPGs provide, but it is a pretty damn good time.

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Published Mar. 13th 2013

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