What Does Unity On New Nintendo 3DS XL Mean?

Unity officially supports the New Nintendo 3DS, but will this mean for the average consumer?

Unity Technologies has announced that it will now support the New Nintendo 3DS at Unite 2015 in Tokyo. What does this mean for the handheld and for gamers?

Easier to port games

First and foremost is that this development opens up the hardware to millions of developers who use Unity. One issue with software is that once you have your game done in one engine, it is almost impossible to port it over to another; developers usually have to re-create the game from the ground up to support a new hardware that your engine didn't previously support.

This means it will be possible for developers to launch their games on the New Nintendo 3DS along with their previous hardware system of choice.

More 3rd party support

If there is one thing that Nintendo seems to always have issues with is 3rd part support on it's consoles. Whenever you think of a huge title selling well on the console, it will almost always be a Nintendo owned franchise.

Unity could help change this. Many developers are familiar with Unity and this could give them the opportunity to bring something to the system that previously wasn't possible.

Tons of Unity games exist that could be brought over

If you are unfamiliar with the Unity engine, I am sure you have at least played a few games that have been made in the Unity engine. Some notable examples would be Crossy Road, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Besiege.

These are only a couple popular that were made in Unity that couple possible be brought to New Nintendo 3DS if the hardware was up to power. I for one would love to be able to play Monument Valley again in full 3D.

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Published Apr. 13th 2015
  • The Slow Gamer
    Ohh, definitely keen to see some Unity games on the 3DS!

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