Five fan-made Pokemon games you absolutely have to play

Pokemon Flora Sky

Starters: Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup

Pokemon Flora Sky tells an original story that's firmly rooted in the canon of the previous games -- a lot of familiar faces are present, and you'll find yourself taking on teams Aqua and Magma once more in a plot that's set after the Sinnoh games take place.

This fan game is set in the Flora Sky region, and is dotted by towns with pragmatic names! You begin in Small Town, for example. Pokemon up to generation five are present, and there's plenty of beautiful custom graphics and gorgeous scenery.

Pokemon Flora Sky also has a thriving website that's full of useful information about the game, should you become stuck or want to read up on any of the changes made between it and the main series.

Published Sep. 20th 2015

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