Five fan-made Pokemon games you absolutely have to play

Pokemon Toxic Purple

Starters: Rattata. Want something else? Then you'd better steal it!

Live the dream and play as a member of Team Rocket! One of the biggest Pokemon-related disappointments of my childhood was being unable to join Team Rocket when the offer was made during Red/Blue/Yellow, right at the end of the Nugget Bridge challenge. (The biggest disappointment was being told that leaving a Magikarp in the daycare until level 99 would make it evolve into Mew.) This short but sweet title seeks to redress that wound by casting you and your rival as partnered grunts. 

Sadly, Pokemon Toxic Purple is incomplete and abandoned, but what's present is a full mission that will take the better part of an hour to play and involves taking part in Team Rocket's activities in Lavender Town. Play through this outstanding little fan game and dream of what could be.

Published Sep. 20th 2015

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