Leak Hints at Galar Forms in Pokemon GO, New Team Rocket Content

Prepare for trouble in Pokemon GO, as Team Rocket seems to be on the move, possibly in connection to new Galarian Pokemon coming as well.

Pokemon GO gets regular content updates, some small, some big. But a new leak from Pokeminers making the rounds on Reddit suggests there's a juicy update coming, full of new Pokemon, new quests, and more.

Pokeminers are known for taking apart code files in Pokemon GO to determine what Niantic might have in store for the future and have a track record of being accurate, hence the decision to report this rumor.

Galar Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The biggest piece of information in the leak is Galar Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO. Note that these are Galarian forms, though, like Galarian Weezing — not actual Gen VIII Pokemon like Wooloo. We haven't even got Gen VI in GO yet, after all.

So far, the only two making an appearance in the code are Galarian Weezing and Galarian Zigzagoon, though we'd be rather surprised if the recently-revealed Galarian Ponyta didn't show up as well.

Team GO Rocket

The datamining also reveals a lot of new information pertaining to Team GO Rocket, though not to Shadow Pokemon. Should Pokeminers turn out to be correct again, then it looks like we'll be taking on quests to piece together a map pointing to Team Rocket's hideout. There shall be battles between players and Rocket Executives, then eventually a battle against Giovanni himself.

The code apparently mentions Rocket decoys, too, so it won't be easy making it to the Rocket Boss. Should you be victorious, you'll be awarded a new Badge, too.

However, it also seems there won't be 24/7 access to RocketStops. Though, in exchange for more limited access, we will be getting a Rocket Radar to make finding them easier.


There's a lot of additional information in the datamine dump, all of which can be found here. As always, this is still technically a rumor until officially confirmed, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more info as it develops.


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Published Oct. 24th 2019

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