Indie Mega Booth Releases Solid Gold Steam Bundle

Steam's Megabooth gives you a chance to play a bunch of indie games.

Games created by independent developers are on the rise. There are plenty of really interesting indie games and they are usually not as expensive to play as games released from big-name developers.

If you are already a fan of indie games, or are looking to try some out, then you might want to head over to Steam right away. Steam's Indie MEGABOOTH is currently selling a bunch of indie games together through the "Solid Gold Collection." What this collection provides is a chance for you to get all of these indie games for a much lower price.

Not to mention that by doing so you can help make indie games more available in the future:

"By buying're not only helping to support the indie developers who made the games, you're also supporting MEGABOOTH, so we can keep doing our thing and bringing you the best indie games..."


You can take a look at some of the games that are in the collection, and are on Indie MEGABOOTH right here. Then if you want to take a look at the "Solid Gold Collection" head over to Steam's Indie MEGABOOTH.


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Published Aug. 28th 2014

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