Bungie, Activison & Red Bull team up and unleash more controversy

The new partnership strikes up even more controversy for Bungie this week

Bungie and Activision announces a partnership with Red Bull for exclusive Destiny content. The announcement went live earlier today, check out the teaser below:

Yikes, talk about bad timing. Destiny fans are still coming down from the ludicrous interview that fired up plenty of controversy. Yes, we’re looking at you, Luke Smith. Fans have already been buzzing about how in order to get exclusive emotes, they have to purchase the collector's edition of The Taken King. These will not be sold separately, and are currently exclusive to the collectors edition. This requires veteran players to essentially re-purchase the game & previous DLC.

Up until September, each specially marked can purchased will come with a code that unlocks bonus XP and a brand new quest. Starting July 1st, the codes will unlock Focused Light, which will give guardians a period of 30 minutes where XP gain is raised by 50%. It’s a one-time consumable, but multiple codes can be redeemed as long as you use them one at a time. The epic new quest will unlock on September 15th at the same time The Taken King DLC is released. Bungie claims this is going to be a never-before-seen multi-stage mission that will test players for speed and strategy. Keep in mind, these cans will be exclusively sold at 7-Eleven starting July and will be released to other retailers in August.

Although these perks sound very enticing, it’s still more content Bungie is requiring players to purchase. Even further, European guardians won’t have this opportunity since Red Bull isn’t sold there. I’m not going to lie though, the can does look pretty sweet.

This partnership, of course, comes to no surprise since The Taken King leak that was spotted by a fan a month ago. All of this buzz sure does sound like an Activision tactic, since they did the same sort of deals with Call of Duty in the past. Bungie has confirmed exclusive content for veteran Destiny players to come our way, but the details have yet to be announced.

It's safe to say, this isn't Bungie's week as far as PR goes. I hope they settle the controversy soon, since I personally am a fan of Destiny. What are your thoughts on this new partnership? Let me know below!


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Published Sep. 8th 2017
  • Leonard_8406
    On one hand Im royally ticked off that neither of the initial DLC packs have introduced much of anything, yet on the other I am blasting the game from all angles on a weekly basis. Having only just accrued enough people to stroll through Vault of Glass and Crota's End Im still getting a lot of kicks out of the game, but to be honest Taken King, whilst appearing very sexy in the trailer probably wont introduce much more than both DLC packs before.

    Queens wrath introduced 'Prowling wolf packs' but now I'd have to buy Red Bull to partake in the same instance for Taken King? Boohockey. I think the worst thing about Destiny is Activision, the original Story, Design and Application looked incredible, then down came the Activision axe and chopped up a blockbusting title to the mess we've seen this last year. If they persist with this $40 to £40 charge for Taken King Il break the disc in half to stop me craving it =/
  • Ainyan
    I can understand the Europeans getting frustrated - they can't get Red Bull, which leaves them out of this promotion. However, I'm sorry. If you have trouble spending $1.50 on a can of Red Bull to get EARLY access to the quest (which will be available to everyone in January), then you have bigger problems. I understand the gist in the wake of the CE scandal, but players who get upset about what is a common promotion type (look at Mountain Dew and WoW for a great example) for video games are just looking to make mountains out of molehills.
  • Manisha Hossain
    Yeah i can see what you mean, I think it's all just bad timing to be honest. The way the interview was handled was pretty awful, in my opinion. I feel like since it's all so recent, everyone's a little pissed at Bungie. Cause I doubt this would be an issue otherwise
  • Ainyan
    It's easy to look hard at timing, but the fact is, the timing of this has probably been set in motion for months and there probably was no way to stop it. The cans have already been shipped, the stores already informed - it's really hard and EXTREMELY costly to put the brakes on something like this once it's started rolling. Are people going to give this the fish eye because of Luke's rant? Absolutely. But y'gotta feel for Bungie - Activision has really put them between a rock and a hard place.
  • Manisha Hossain
    I know exactly where you're coming from, it all does seem planned. Luke went rogue in that interview, putting Bungie in a negative light. But I still feel like they're gonna bounce back. It's just a tough week for them, but judging by what the Taken King content looks like in the trailers, fans will definitely be pleased. Who knows, once they reveal the incentive for Destiny veteran players, it could be the band-aid this ordeal needed, I certainly think so. This partnership definitely sounds more like Activision and less like Bungie

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