Stylish Indie Monaco Heading to Linux October 21st

Monaco finally hits the last PC market: Linux.

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine toted some of the best co-op gameplay an indie could provide when released earlier this year on PC (and later Xbox Live), and now Pocketwatch Games' stealthy baby is making its way to a new platform come Monday, October 21st: Linux.

Despite having been a fan-favorite earlier this year, Monaco's Xbox Live sales did not live up to the developer's expectations. They've now turned back to PC, but this time focusing on the growing Linux gaming community.

The Facebook post announcing the release also states a "ton of free/new content" will be coming with the Linux release as well. Whether this new content will be making it to other operating systems has yet to be mentioned at the time of writing, but fans of the game can unanimously agree Monaco needs some fresh content outside of user-made levels.

With Monaco's release on Linux, the game will have finally made its way to all three major PC operating systems. High five to Pocketwatch Games! Linux users be sure to check it out on Steam next Monday, October 21st.

Published Oct. 17th 2013

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