10 biggest video game sins: Day one DLC, unskippable cutscenes, Doritos, and more

Excessive swearing and general douchebaggery of online gaming

Typically, I am not into online gaming. This is definitely one of the reasons. We have all heard some moron or collective of morons yelling obscenities about each other's moms while we're trying to play an online match.

What's worse is when you don't have a headset and their prepubescent voices are booming through your living room speakers. Of course, its not just kids, douchebags of all ages and races enjoy online gaming!

Also, if you're female and have any semblance of common sense, I'd advise you just to play offline. Kudos to you if you can endure the nonsensical yelling of 12-year-old boys and basement dwellers. You go, girl!

Biggest offender: Xbox Live

Image source: Nag.co

Published Sep. 29th 2015

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