A Complete Guide to Success in Madden NFL Mobile

Even though the season may be ending soon, you can still get ahead in Madden Mobile with these simple tips and tricks!

Madden NFL Mobile is now winding down its' 3rd season of football action. Millions have downloaded and played the game already, and there is a thriving community devoted to the phone and tablet exclusive game. What that community talks about, above all else, isn't about helpful tips and hints. That's why people like me don't watch their Reddits, so this article is meant as a guide to success. Success, both for veterans and for those just starting their teams up.

Before continuing, disclaimer: Madden NFL Mobile is freemium. Freemium meaning that it's completely free to use and play, but in app purchases are not only available, but subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) encouraged. In full transparency, I have paid for packs that have aided me in speeding up my (still ongoing) journey to the top of the leaderboards.

However, if you don't want to be like me, this guide may help you even more so you can save the money I spent while still learning the ropes. Now that's out of the way... follow these helpful hints and your team will score touchdowns aplenty.

Tip #1: Be patient

After all, like most freemium games nowadays, each game or event your teams plays costs energy. Energy that refills slowly. If you aren't into shelling out cash to speed up the process of refilling energy, be patient. If you take your time to build up your team, it pays off heavily in the end. That includes not immediately putting special players for that week up for auction, because the longer you wait to post those players, the more in game coins you can get because of simple supply and demand; the longer you wait, the scarcer your player is on the market.

Tip #2: Always play the daily warmup

First of all, the mini-game is free. If nothing else, it reinforces useful skills by repetition. It also rewards simply playing the game every day. At the end of each 7 day cycle, you get a Pro pack, which is awesome for stocking up on good new players, and getting others to complete sets which get trophies, items, and MORE players.

Tip #3: Head to Head isn't that important

Although it may be nice to show other players the majesty of OBJ (as long as he doesn't play the Packers in the playoffs), it isn't necessary to play Head to Head (H2H) in order to get a good team together. I barely ever play, and my team rating has gone up rapidly. There really isn't any reward to playing H2H other than pride and the experience points.

Tip #4: Every position matters

Unlike in many sports games, every position in Madden Mobile can and does make a difference in the game. If one of your OGs is subpar, the AI will constantly exploit the weakness in your offensive line and sack you relentlessly. Also, while it may be tempting to use your flex running back for another HB, use it that way at your peril. While it may be great when you want that extra speed, it will cost you whenever you run the ball. That's why you should use a fullback at the flex position. Unlike other flex positions, this one is always active.

The FB when not acting as a runner or receiver, is like your tight end: a blocker. This comes in handy every time you run the ball with your primary running back. Also, if you get the right FB, he can be used like another tight end; a reliable receiver who can truck like nobody's business.

Tip #5: Be like retail stores in naming your price

Sure, whole numbers look pretty and all, but something that's priced at $9.99 will sell significantly faster than the same item priced at $10. Why? It's simple: that one cent left off doesn't change the amount the seller receives by an appreciable amount, but our brains perceive even a minuscule discount in price to be an enormous opportunity to be frugal and save money. This is just as true in the auction house. Try putting your buy price at 9,999 instead of 10,000 and see what happens. I bet you'll be happy with the results.

Tip #6: Complete player sets whenever you can and as often as you can

Simply using your energy on playing season mode can be a ton of fun, but it most definitely IS NOT the way to upgrade your team with alacrity. Allocating your energy budget so the majority of it is spent completing drills will allow quick access to specialty packs by completing sets. This is BY FAR the best way to get new players.

Almost as good, these sets also provide great cards to auction off and receive coins to buy players off the marketplace for yourself.

Tip #7: Have fun

Remember, as you are grinding out mini-games with a subpar team, frustration is inevitable. However, at the same time, try to have fun. After all, that IS what games are made for. Remember to watch those beautiful plays you and your team create; the interceptions, the touchdown dances, the kick returns. Just enjoy it.

Have you got any more tips you have found work? Let us know in the comments below!


Published Jan. 23rd 2017

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