Residuum Factor Neo-Genesis - Introducing Captain Hakon

Video link introducing Captain Hakon

This is the first in the character spotlight series which will be looking at the key characters in the Residuum Factor: Neo-Genesis universe, and their roles and relationships to other characters.

This particular video gives a brief introduction to Captain Hakon, an entity played by professional actor Carl Wharton. Captain Hakon has been given the task of visiting planet earth during an event known as the final cataclysm. He, along with the Andromedaen rescue fleet, have been given an important mission--one that involved some difficult decisions. 

The final cataclysm was to change the face of humanity forever, and it was an event the human race was unprepared for. 

This is where the Residuum Factor: Neo-Genesis story begins. It looks at the fate of humanity after the final cataclysm, where humanity is faced with a few interesting thoughts:

  • What caused the final cataclysm?
  • Why did it happen at that particular time?
  • And why was the Andromedaen rescue fleet tasked with intervening?

All these questions will be answered as the story develops.


Project Lead and Designer of the Residuum Factor SAGA

Published Jan. 17th 2014

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