Skyforge's Reaper's Revenge patch brings a multitude of changes to the game

Skyforge's Reaper's Revenge patch is bringing even more changes to the game in the form of interface alterations, D-Series Distortions, mount upgrades, and a new adventure difficulty scheme.

Not even a month after Skyforge's Dark Omen patch--which brought interface changes, new quests, pantheon mergers, and more to the game--a new major update, titled Reaper's Revenge, is bringing even more changes along with it. 

Releasing on April 20, Reaper's Revenge brings all-new content including mount upgrades, distortion vectors, and all-new D-Series Distortions to Skyforge. 

There are also more interface changes coming; the adventure search interface is getting a facelift in a bid to make it more user friendly. 

There will now be a simplified difficulty level indicator which will be marked by three colors as seen in the picture above. Green is easy, orange is normal, and red is impossible. As things are now, you have to wait until you raise your prestige enough to access a new difficulty level. What was an impossible difficulty before becomes hard difficulty, and so forth.

Since Skyforge is doing away with prestige requirements for difficulty levels, after players complete one difficulty level, they will immediately be able to play a higher difficulty level adventure, test themselves against tougher enemies and bosses, and receive better rewards.

However, warns players to consider the transition to a higher difficulty at their own risk:

"While it may seem like a good idea to move to higher difficulty blocks in an attempt to receive higher rewards, it’s possible that players may increase the difficulty beyond their capabilities. Please use caution when contemplating transitioning to a higher tier!"

Something else to look forward to in Reaper's Revenge is the Rapid Response Squad, similar to the solo urgent call missions already in the game, but for up to three players. When joining the queue for the RRS, players have no idea what adventure they'll be doing. From the announcement page:

"The system selects the other participants (if necessary) and you will go into a random Squad activity that is accessible by all group members.
The difficulty level of the Adventure is always Normal and the group selection works on the same principle as regular Adventures: The system searches for characters with a similar amount of prestige. This new activity will not just bring more diversity, but also guarantees you can complete adventures in a group at a comfortable difficulty level. In addition, reward selection is provided to allow the control over any prize you’d like!"

The release date of certain content described in the announcement may differ from the release of the Reaper's Revenge patch as a whole. Patch notes will be made available on Skyforge's website ahead of its release.

Take a look at the Reaper's Revenge announcement page for more details.

UPDATE: The Patch has been pushed back to April 26.

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Published Apr. 16th 2016

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