Lead Roles in Warcraft Movie Offered to Colin Farrell and Paula Patton

The Warcraft movie is getting closer to filming and lead role offers have been put out.

It seems that the new Warcraft movie could finally have their lead roles: Colin Farrell and Paula Patton received offers to appear in the movie. They might also have to keep looking.

Duncan Jones is directing this adaptation of Blizzard's popular franchise and he's still looking at other actors for major roles. It isn't certain that Farrell will take the lead role just yet.

Legendary Pictures and Atlas Entertainment are the one's working on this movie, but there is currently no studio. Since Legendary Pictures left Warner Bros. and made Universal Pictures their new home, that will be the likely choice.

The film is reportedly going to take place one year before World of Warcraft and the main character is someone made just for the movie. It will be told primarily from the Alliance point of view and lore is confirmed to be bent for the purposes of the film. It also was announced as the first movie, which may mean that there will be more to come in the future. Warcraft is set to start filming in January 2014.

Since the main character is someone new, Colin Farrell could be a good fit, but he does not seem like someone I would picture in the Warcraft universe. What do you think of the possibility of Colin Farrell and Paula Patton having lead roles in the new Warcraft movie? Discuss in the comments.

Published Sep. 22nd 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    I don't really know much about Colin Farrell except that he was in Scrubs once, and he's playing in Saving Mr. Banks. I would think he could pull it off, since actors can do fairly well with roles. I hope at least, since this could be a really cool movie for WoW fans.

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