Top Five Driving Games

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Some days, all you want to do is get in your car and take a long, fast drive. Unfortunately, things like speed limits, the high price of gas, and lack of a car can get in the way of that.

Fortunately, there's always been plenty of video games based on the driving experience. From old arcade games like Daytona USA to current gen games like Project CARS, there's never been a shortage of games to drive fast in. Here are five games to play if you want to get that driving experience, without the hassle. Some are realistic, some are goofy, all will be a lot of fun.

Published Jul. 9th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I could not disagree more about Driveclub. It's less of a sim than Forza (and Forza has some heavy arcadey aspects to it), while it looks pretty and is a decent arcade racer it's by far not better than the likes of Dirt Rally, pCars, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, or rFactor (especially 2).

    It's a good game, just not top when it comes to driving games. It does however, work pretty well on a pad, which I suppose it was it's for.

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