Passive and Unpredictable Creatures and Monsters In Horror Games

Forbidden Siren series - The Failed Shibito

The Shibito in Siren: Blood Curse are reanimated corpses and look like zombies, but unlike zombies, they display a level of intelligence and operate day to day tasks as if they are on some kind of autopilot. 

Not all of these creatures have fully succumbed to the the evil in the village. The Failed Shibitos are the villagers who refused to submerge in the red water and are rotten beyond recognition. What's more, most of the Shibito are absolutely harmless to the player. 

Another harmless and very unnerving Shibito is found alone in SirenBlood Curse it's a massive abomination of mutated head that screams it's completely harmless -- but totally horrifying.

Published Jan. 20th 2017

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