Minecraft 1.2.5 Update -- Mixer Interactivity and Windows Mixed Reality Support!

Minecraft's 1.2.5 update brings it to Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets and expands its streaming capabilities!

The latest Minecraft update brings the game to Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and users will finally be able to explore their favorite sandbox world from a much more intimate perspective.

In addition, the 1.2.5 update introduces Mixer to Minecraft. Mixer is a brand-new, fully integrated streaming platform for mobile devices that will allow Minecraft streamers and viewers to experience the game in a whole new way.

Mixer adds a great deal of interactivity to the streaming medium, allowing a streamer’s audience to play along with them by giving them access to special buttons that will have an in-game effect when pressed. For example, in Minecraft, viewers could have the power to spawn a horde of zombies for the streamer to fend off!

Here are some of the specifics from the Minecraft.net press release:

Native mobile broadcasting and Mixer Interactivity:
Players on Android and iOS platforms will gain access to instant, native broadcasting from directly within the game. By pressing the new “Broadcast” button in the Settings menu, you can begin broadcasting to streaming services such as Mixer, YouTube, Twitch, Mobcrush, and Periscope. If you’re streaming on Mixer, you’ll utilize the power of Faster Than Light technology, enabling you to broadcast with sub-second latency and also co-stream your gameplay with up to three friends.

We’re also introducing native Mixer Interactivity for Bedrock Engine-based platforms! Any Minecraft command can be turned into an interactive button on Mixer, enabling communities to play along with their favorite streamers in real time. Create mazes or puzzles for the streamer to solve, or summon Mobs, pets and zombie spawns – the possibilities are endless.

Windows Mixed Reality: Building, exploring and coming face-to-face with monstrous mobs in Minecraft takes on new meaning when experienced with a Windows Mixed Reality immersive headset. Now you can share the adventure with friends playing on mobile, Windows 10 or console, set up your own world with Realms, or join one of the massive player-run servers. Creeping into dark caves inspires even greater trepidation thanks to 3D audio, and Creative mode will take on a fresh perspective. Minecraft will work across all Windows Mixed Reality-immersive headsets and badged PCs.

Minecraft is a game that's all about exploration, so it'd make sense for it to try to push the boundaries of interactivity -- and it does just that with the 1.2.5 update, introducing some brand-new ways to play the game.

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Published Nov. 21st 2017

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