Activision Closes Sole U.S. Distribution Center and Warehouse

Activision has now closed their only distribution center in the U.S. Where does this lead the state of their physical games?

Activision, who is mostly known for their Call of Duty series, has closed down one of their game distribution centers in California as of January 5th. The reasoning behind this could be because people are buying more digital copies of games instead of physical copies, and Activision sees this as a way to make the digital game market even bigger, and save the money it will take to produce physical copies of games. An Activison spokesman, however, denied this being the reason for the shutdown of the center:

In this center, workers would distribute games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft across the U.S. and to other countries. They would also play test games to see if they worked.

This doesn't mean that the transition isn't going to hurt other companies and people, though. Activision laid off about 50 people. Also, companies like Gamestop, that rely on the sales of physical games, will be affected by this closing because there are fewer physical games to sell in their stores. 






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Published Jan. 23rd 2018

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