Rocket League's "Dropshot" Adds Fun (If You Can Fly)

The update adds three new arenas, achievements and new customization while we non-flyers wait

The new changes added in the latest Rocket League update provide players more options to customize their game play experience, but the new game mode, "Dropshot", is only for frequent flyers.

Overall the new game mode and prospect of rising through the ranks of Season 4 adds a fresh new challenge to the game, while the "Dropshot" game mode specifically adds an entire new metric to the game; A win could happen at anytime, anywhere in the arena. The goal of the mode is to crash the ball along the panels of the arena itself to create a makeshift goal out of the arena sides. Once a panel can be broken it will be highlighted and from there a player must get the ball through the holes to score.

Unfortunately, this game mode goes by pretty quickly for more experienced players, and will come as a challenge to players who aren't able to use the wall and timed hops to simulate flying through the air. More high flying players will be able to arch the ball along the walls and score into vulnerable spots on the arena floor. Overall, it would be best to avoid this mode if you aren't able to fly just yet.

This comes after the previous updates that modified car appearances, mostly leaving some to feel the update wasn't for them. While you earn your wings, there's always the new custom training that was also added in the update to hone that perfect lift off.

Before you skid off to train for this new game mode, aimed at the more experienced player, search GameSkinny for more Rocket League news and updates.

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The update adds three new arenas, achievements and new customization while we non-flyers wait
Reviewed On: Playstation 4


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Published Mar. 24th 2017

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