Feminist Frequency's Anita Sarkeesian Announces Two Upcoming Video Game-related Series

Not-for-profit organization Feminist Frequency is gearing up for 2015 with the announcement of two new video game-related series.

Anita Sarkeesian of the non-profit Feminist Frequency has recently announced the creation of two new video game-related web series to be released in the next year. One will focus on "the representation of men and masculinity in video games," and another miniseries that will offer examples of positive representations of women in video games.

Sarkeesian, host of the organization's popular series Tropes vs. Women, says in the 2014 annual report that the series will continue, kicking off the year with the upcoming video "Women as Reward," which is currently in production.

In addition to introducing the new series, the report also lays out the organization's statistics for the past year, including financial information, total YouTube views (in excess of five million), the breakdown of their audience by age, and much more.

Anita Sarkeesian appeared on the Colbert Report in 2014 to discuss the #GamerGate Controversy.

In 2014, she was driven from her home by death threats and was forced to cancel a talk at Utah State University in October (due to threats of a shooting massacre if she were allowed to appear). Despite a turbulent year, Sarkeesian remains positive and dedicated to the organization's cause, citing the passion of viewers, fans, and game development companies that work to improve the representation of women in games as the force that drives her to continue.

One of the most vocal feminist figures in gaming, Anita Sarkeesian was awarded the Game Developer's Choice Ambassador Award in 2014, appeared on The Colbert Report to discuss the GamerGate controversy, and was featured in The New York Times.


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Published Jan. 30th 2015
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    The topics of these new series' gets me a bit more hopeful for her. The representation of men in games is just as off base as the representation of women and that is one part of her argument that has always bugged me. As well a series on positive representations of women in games is a great idea, because we all know there are tons of great examples that seem to have been shoved under the rug to bring more legitimacy to this whole movement. Please Anita, with your upcoming series', quit digging your own hole and bring us some non-manipulated facts.

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