Raid Tactics Review

Fantasy RPG's are a dime a dozen...and this one does nothing to stand out.

On both the App Store and the Google Play Store, there are an abundance of of fantasy RPG's available for download. Some cost money, others are free, and most are mediocre at best.

Raid Tactics stands a little by virtue of being a strategy RPG and opposed to a standard turn-based one, but is there any worth to the game beyond the novelty? Let's find out!

The Good

Even for a strategy RPG, the main gameplay isn't something I've seen before. Your party members as well as the enemies are all placed on a 6X5 grid. You move your characters around the grid, and, taking into account the ranges of your characters' attacks as well as the cost of their attacks to your mana pool, you plan out a strategy to clear out the enemies on the board.

While simple at first, as you progress, the challenges become more difficult and you'll really need to start thinking.

Aside from the core combat, there are also some basic RPG elements such as equipping different items and leveling up your party. While simple mechanics, they're easy to screw up, and thankfully, this game avoids doing so.

As a fun little distraction, there are also a couple of gambling mini games where you can get extra currency and items.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the bad in Raid Tactics heavily outweighs the good.

The gameplay, while unique, gets repetitive very quickly. The game takes too long to start taxing your brain, and by the time it does, you will have become bored from the monotony a long time ago. In addition, the tutorial at the beginning is very poor, not explaining the game's mechanics very well.

The music isn't poorly composed, but there are very few tracks, and none of them are memorable in the slightest. Similarly on the other end of the presentation front, the game's art style is unmemorable. It looks like every other fantasy game available on mobile platforms.

And sadly, the weakest part of the game is the story. You're thrown straight into the thick of things without being given any reason to care about the characters. Once you finally get a grip on what's going on, you'll quickly realize that this game has as by the books a story as it gets.


Raid Tactics may not cost you any money, but it still isn't worth your time. The developers at Score Studios clearly thought that their unique idea for a combat system would be enough to carry this game.

They were wrong.

Raid Tactics is available for free on the Play Store and App Store.

This review is based off the Android version, but to my understanding, there is no difference between the Android and iOS versions.

Our Rating
Fantasy RPG's are a dime a dozen...and this one does nothing to stand out.
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Published Nov. 7th 2016

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