How to Get Quicksilver in No Man's Sky

You need Quicksilver for a number of items in No Man's Sky, including the Void Egg. Here's how to get this currency.

The Living Ship update for No Man's Sky is out, which introduces a slew of new content, including the Starbirth questline and a biological ship, which can be obtained by hatching the Void Egg. But to get the Void Egg, you need to first get 3,200 quicksilver, which is more than most players can afford.

Since Quicksilver isn't easy to come by in NMS, you'll need to do a bit of grinding to get what you need. Below, we go over how to get Quicksilver in case you don't already know. 

Go to the Nexus on the Space Anomaly

The only source of quicksilver in No Man's Sky is the Nexus, an AI that inhabits the multiplayer hub inside the Space Anomaly. It's where you get daily missions.

Here's how you find and interact with the Nexus:

  1. Take your ship into space
  2. Press "Down" on the D-pad (PS4, Xbox One) or "X" (PC)
  3. Select "Summon Anomaly"
  4. Fly to and dock at the Space Anomaly
  5. Go to the center of the main hub
  6. Interact with the Nexus

The Nexus is a massive AI computer, which you can't miss. Interact with it and it will offer you some missions to complete.

Complete Daily Missions

The Nexus will list all available daily missions, which offer various quantities of Quicksilver as a reward. Start with the missions that offer the maximum quicksilver. These top missions are usually the hardest to complete and take longer than others to complete. It's recommended you complete them with other players.

Each mission will give you around 200 to 250 quicksilver a day. Unfortunately, you will have to wait 24 hours before you can start another daily mission.


That's it on how to get quicksilver in No Man's Sky. For more No Man's Sky tips, check out the list below:


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Published Feb. 24th 2020

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