7 Surprisingly Good MMORPGs on Android

Aurcus Online

  • Developer: Asobimo, Inc.
  • Business Model: Free; offers In-App Purchases
  • Required: Android 2.3+
  • Rating: 4.4 stars
  • Download Link
  • Official Website
What It Offers

This is another mobile MMORPG by Asobimo, Inc. Its graphics are simple yet beautiful for a mobile device. Fight against enemies of all kinds and build up your combos in this action-packed game.

What Makes It Good

Players can participate in open world PvP battles with their friends. Combat is skill-based and challenging. Although players can opt to pay for a subscription, players assure that this game is not pay to win and truly delivers the MMO experience to small screens.

Published May. 1st 2017

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