7 Surprisingly Good MMORPGs on Android

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Albion Online

  • Developer: Sandbox Interactive
  • Business Model: Buy to Play
  • Required: Android 5.0+, 7" screen tablet, ARMv7 (Cortex), Atom CPU OpenGL ES, 2.0 support or higher, 2 GB RAM or more
  • Download Link
  • Official Website
What It Offers

All characters are classless in this medieval cross-platform MMO. Your equipment determines who you are and what you will become.

What Makes It Good

Albion Online features a completely player-driven economy with PvP battles of varying sizes. There are hundreds of territories that guilds must compete for. Since the game is cross-platform, all players can interact with one another, making this a truly satisfying MMO experience.


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Published May. 1st 2017

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