Defiance video game will continue in spite of show cancellation

Defiance defy's speculation and will continue as normal despite TV show being axed.

The video game Defiance's future looked to be in jeopardy after the cancellation of the TV show by the same name, but the game "...will continue exactly as before". 

Scott Hartsman, CEO of developer Trion Worlds, explained why the shows cancellation does not affect the game:

"The show has always been a fantastic and interesting partner, but the two were always meant to be able to stand on their own, which is why the show was primarily set in St. Louis and the game in the SF Bay Area."

Both the show and the game take place in the same not-too-distant future where humans and intelligent extraterrestrials are forced to coexist in the same town - the town called Defiance. 

The MMORPG was released in 2013, and despite mostly negative reviews, it has built up a loyal fan base that will continue to survive even while the show does not. 

The game was originally pay-to-play, but a year after release, it was changed to a free-to-play game to secure a lasting fan base. 

The show has been a bit of a cult hit since its beginning in April of 2013, just before the game was released. But, after a decline in audience, Syfy made the decision to end the show before the start of the 4th season. 


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Published Oct. 19th 2015

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