Felony Charges May Hit 10-Year-Old Boy from Minecraft

10-year-old boy charges $800 dollars to his grandmother's credit card on Minecraft.

A 10-year-old boy from Nebraska may see criminal charges for a large amount of purchases he made on the game of Minecraft for game features. The child, who remains unnamed due to his age, got his grandmother's credit card and used it to make his purchases.

After his 74-year-old grandmother discovered the suspicious charges on her bill, to the tune of $800 total, her card company advised her to submit a police report. The charges were cancelled afterwards by the card company, but her grandson was discovered to be responsible for the charges.

The case is now in the hands of prosecutors in the Lancaster County Attorney's Office for felony theft. Whether the boy will be charged, and if so, as a juvenile or adult, remain to be seen.

About Minecraft

Minecraft has no goals for players as it is an open world game. Players use textured, 3D cubes to build items. Players can explore the realm and gather new items but they can only be placed in certain locations in the game to be used for construction. Minecraft is a multi-platform game from PC to consoles. It is even available on mobile phones and tablets. Due to this, purchases are not cross-over buys and are individual to their platform.

Published Nov. 11th 2013

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