Smaller Xbox One model reportedly coming in 2016, more powerful 'Scorpio' in 2017

Sources claim there are two new systems in the works over at Microsoft.

New reports suggest Microsoft is going to be releasing a few new Xbox One models over the next two years.

According to Kotaku, sources claim a smaller, cheaper Xbox One will be releasing later this year with a 2 TB hard drive. This type of console release is certainly not out of the ordinary for Microsoft, as the Xbox 360 got the same treatment.

Next year, we'll supposedly be getting a more powerful Xbox One -- currently codenamed "Scorpio" -- with a better GPU capable for running 4K visuals. However, sources say there are no current plans to upgrade the I/O speed of the console, which could mean longer loading times.

Finally, sources also claim Microsoft is looking to form a partnership with Oculus Rift in order for next year's "Scorpio" to be compatible with the VR headset.  But neither Microsoft nor Oculus has commented on this yet.

Microsoft isn't the only company reportedly in the process of upgrading their consoles.  Sony is apparently also working on a more powerful PlayStation 4 with a higher clock speed, improved GPU, 4K support, and a higher memory bandwidth. 


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Published May. 25th 2016

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